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Deadly Interest, by Julie  HyzyDeadly Interest
An Alex St. James Mystery

"Romantic suspense, murder, and the backstage intrigue of cutthroat TV journalism. Deadly Interest gets my highest Nielsen Rating. You're gonna have fun rooting for Alex St. James."
Parnell Hall,

In Deadly Interest, Julie Hyzy balances her smart, tough heroine, Alex St. James, with fast-paced financial hijinks, and it all adds up to a blistering good read. Invest your time with Hyzy. This book pays off with interest!
Christine Kling,
author of BITTER END

Reeling from a public humiliation by her former lover, Alex St. James returns home to find that her elderly neighbor has been murdered. Alex also discovers that the spunky old lady had been secretly looking into her bank’s lending practices. Drawn into the murder investigation, Alex uses her connections at Midwest Focus News Magazine to help the police find the killer but, before long, finds herself being stalked by a vicious ex-con. Even after suffering a brutal attack, Alex refuses to back off, and she subsequently uncovers a shocking secret that had been buried long ago.

Alex is juggling several personal matters as well: an extended visit from her handicapped sister; and love-life issues involving two attractive men, one of whom may just have the power to mend Alex’s bruised ego.

After a key player in the investigation is found murdered, Alex is determined to untangle the web of lies spun by those around her, and is soon poised to expose the truth. That is, until she finds herself alone with the killer, a formidable foe with a Deadly Interest in her future.

Note: In Deadly Interest, one character has Williams Syndrome. Learn more about it here.

Deadly BlessingsDeadly Blessings
An Alex St. James Mystery

"Julie Hyzy's riveting mystery, Deadly Blessings, launches appealing sleuth Alex St. James in a twisty, absorbing, headline-current case. First rate."
-Carolyn Hart

It's not often Alex St. James has a story this tantalizing fall into her lap, only to have it snatched away again. As news researcher at Midwest Focus Television in Chicago, she'd been set to interview a young Polish immigrant woman, pregnant by a Catholic priest.

When the woman is found murdered, and Alex tries to investigate, her boss abruptly reassigns her to a fluff piece, so he can give the hot murder story to the station owner's nephew. But anyone who knows Alex also knows that like Fate, she'll find a way.

Acting without authority and without assistance, she continues to investigate, making some very powerful people in the Chicago Archdiocese uneasy. Suddenly Alex finds herself in the middle of a plot so sinister and far reaching, that the very next thing she might hear are her own Last Rites.

Artistic LicenseArtistic License

Love Is Murder Peoples' Choice Award for Best First Novel

Two months ago Annie Callaghan made a mistake.

She thought she'd planned for every contingency. After five years in a bad marriage she filed for divorce, began to pursue her dreams of being a full-time artist, and quit her job to work for herself. Now, well on her way to a brand-new start with her fledgling mural painting business and her handsome new client, life finally holds promise again.

But, as she finds out, things are not always what they seem. An unexpected pregnancy, and the intrusion of her loser soon-to-be-ex-husband back into her world send things into a tailspin.
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Published Works
by Julie Hyzy
  • Deadly Interest, hardcover, Five Star First Edition Mysteries, October 2006
  • "Strictly Business," short story, These Guns for Hire, Bleak House Books, October 2006; Derringer Award finalist
  • Sanctimony, an Amazon.com Short, October, 2006
  • Deadly Blessings, hardcover, Five Star First Edition Mysteries, June, 2005
  • "Dissident," short story, All the Rage This Year, Phobos Anthology, September, 2004
  • Artistic License, hardcover, Five Star First Edition Mysteries, January, 2004
    Large print, June, 2004
    Trade paperback, March, 2005
  • "Life's Work," Grand Prize-winning short story, Star Trek, Strange New Worlds, Volume VII, May, 2004
  • "Savior," short story, Star Trek, Strange New Worlds, Volume VI, May, 2003
  • "Blue Angel," short story, hardluckstories.com, Winter, 2003
  • "Efflorescence," short story, Star Trek, Strange New Worlds, Volume V, May, 2002

Julie Hyzy

About Artistic License

Publishers Weekly, January 19, 2004 issue:
Set in Chicago, Hyzy's smooth, well-paced debut features a vulnerable but resilient heroine, among other credible and diverting characters. Newly embarked on her career as a muralist, Annie Callaghan is dismayed to discover that she's pregnant, having been seduced by her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Gary Randall. A charming cad, Gary gets Annie to bail him out of jail and soon moves back in with her. Meanwhile, Annie has agreed to paint a wall at Millie's Ice Cream Parlour, an old-fashioned soda fountain, for the attractive new owner, Sam Morgan, who proves to be a most sympathetic friend as well as employer. When a breezy customer of Millie's, Gina DeChristopher, hires Annie to paint a playroom for her sons in her elegant house, Gina even offers the professional services of her husband, an intimidating lawyer with a substantial art collection. The tension builds with the theft of a Dürer drawing worth $10 million on its way to the Chicago Art Institute, a kidnapping and a murder whose chief suspect is Annie herself. Romance and cozy fans will particularly go for this adroitly plotted tale. (Feb.)
Forecast: Blurbs from Barbara D'Amato and William Kent Krueger will help bring this first novel to the attention of their readers.

Hyzy's debut novel is at least 50 pages too long, yet through the grace of her compelling heroine, it manages to keep readers' attention until the end. Annie Callaghan is striking out in new directions--divorcing her loser husband, Gary, and starting a new career as a mural painter. In a lucky break, she gets a painting job near her home in the Chicago suburbs at an ice cream store that just happens to be owned by a hunk named Sam. Breaking the good-fortune bubble, Annie discovers that a drunken one-nighter with her ex has resulted in pregnancy. And to make matters worse, Gary is killed while trying to rob one of Annie's wealthy clients. Although it's hard to believe someone as pretty and cool as Annie would have become involved with a lowlife like Gary, her credibility is bolstered by her continued desire to divorce him--even after finding out she is carrying his child. And while Annie's romance with Sam is predictable, Hyzy makes it fun to watch. Watch for more Annie Callaghan novels; this could become a fine series. Jenny McLarin
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Library Journal
Recently pregnant by the estranged husband from whom she is about to be divorced, Annie Callaghan begins a new career painting murals. Her first job, interrupted by a plea for bail money from her manipulative husband, brings her into contact with a fancy but secretive lawyer who may be able to help with her divorce. But as her painting jobs increase, so does the unwanted intrusiveness of her husband and his slimy roommate. With murder the ultimate result and Annie the prime suspect, she needs help. A well-crafted narrative, gentle tension, and a feisty, earthbound heroine mark this refreshingly different mystery debut. For all collections. Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information

"It's easy to see why Julie Hyzy is going to be a writer to watch. Artistic License is a marvelous debut. It's gripping, moving, and unfolds with the crispness of a master storyteller."
Michael A. Black, author of A Killing Frost and Windy City Knights

"Vividly drawn characters, taut plot, intriguing storyline - in her outstanding debut novel, Artistic License, author Julie Hyzy offers readers a vibrant new voice."
Earl Merkel, author of Final Epidemic and Dirty Fire

"This unique blend of romance novel and crime fiction succeeds beautifully on both levels thanks to a fast-paced plot populated by richly realized characters. Hyzy shows wit and talent in this impressive debut."
D. C. Brod, author of Paid in Full

"A strong heroine, a winning romance, and nail-biting suspense, what more could you ask for in a mystery? Artistic License is a solid debut from a refreshing new voice. Julie Hyzy is definitely a writer to be watched."
William Kent Krueger, author of Blood Hollow and Iron Lake

"Annie Callaghan's soon-to-be-ex-husband plunges her unknowing into the theft of some extremely valuable art and only her smarts and courage see her through. Annie is tough, funny, and lovable. I hope to read about her in another adventure soon."
Barbara D'Amato, author of White Male Infant

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